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Why Three Layered Hems Are The Embodiment Of Lolita Style

Lolita Style Clothing may have evolved through several sub-cultures, but at the heart of every Lolita Dress is the emphasis on sweetness and cuteness, and nothing emphasizes those qualities more than the three-layered hemline which allows for more flow, structure and volume to the dress. Many girls love this look as it offers so many opportunities for creative design and creates a more doll-like impression. Big hemlines and textured layers give the designers the ability to add size and flair to their dresses that give a true Lolita look.

You can take a style that normally might not be associated with the Lolita look and utilize the flare and bounciness of a three-hem skirt turn it into your own expression of Lolita elegance. Costume styles that may otherwise come across as a little too risque can be brought back to Lolita sensibilities by turning the skirt into a sweet and layered example of ultimate cuteness. This extends the opportunities and range of Lolita clothing to keep the style evolving and current.

Here are 5 examples that show the true magic and versatility of the three layered hem and illustrate why it epitomizes the Lolita Dress look.

1.Cream Cat Series, Cute Soft Girl Kitten Print Ruffled Bow Dress: This adorable dress from the Cream Cat Series is available in 4 sizes and three color themes. It really shows the advantages and beauty of the three-layered hem as it flows out from the large bow at the waist and shows off an absolutely gorgeous and cute soft kitten print on each layer. The middle layer is accented with matching bows that are all around the circumference and the skirt stops around the knee. This is the perfect length to show off the skirt's volume and detailing while retaining modesty with an overriding cuteness. The bodice has a lovely scooped neckline with small lapels and is decorated with a large heart with the motto "Sweet Cream" while the capped sleeves puff out to the mid-upper arm giving a true doll appearance. With the matching headband and edge clip for the perfect fit, this Lolita Dress is a study in cuteness and sweetness.

2.The Palace Style Slim Sweet Classic Lolita Swing Dress: Stunning and with a deceptively simple appearance, this sling dress is a head-turner that embodies the whole Lolita concept. It is cute but promises sass and flair. The three layers of the skirt flow out from the corset-style bodice and finish above the knee cleverly combining an adult look with Lolita sweetness. The dress is available in 6 sizes and is offered in sweet satin-like pink or stunning powerful purple and can be paired with gloves, headbands, or even a matching blazer to personalize your look. The bottom hem layer has a lace accent that gives a beautiful flair to the skirt and the top of the bodice is finished with matching ruffles. Over-the-shoulder straps keep the dress in place while a ribbon tie around the neck adds a soft accent and the layered skirt will gently twirl with you.

3.Gothic Long Sleeve Black Lolita Dress: Classic Goth Lolita, this black dress is the ultimate Goth expression of the Lolita style. Appearing to be both plain and retiring this dress is actually a powerful Lolita statement as it brings in all the design elements that make a stunning and cute statement. This gorgeous black cotton dress has a neckline accented with black lace and a bow at the front. The tailored waist is also accented with an off-center bow that tops the layered skirt. The mid-length skirt has volume and bounces while retaining the Goth tones and the long sleeves add to the whole impression. This is a powerful expression of the Goth style that has so many Lolita details enabling it to combine the best of both worlds.

4.Pink Cherry Chocolate Print Pattern Pleated Hem, High waist Classic Lolita Skirt: For creating your own mix-and-match ensemble in the Lolita style this skirt is sensational. The pink polyester layers are printed with a gorgeous and cute pattern of bright red cherries, melting chocolate, and the word candy to truly emphasize sweetness. The hems are beautifully finished and pleated to give extra volume and bounce to the skirt which has a high, elasticated waist for a comfortable fit. this Classic Lolita Skirt is ideal as a base for creating an outfit tailored to your individual style and can be matched with a variety of accessories such as a blouse, corset top, or blazer.

5.Pink and White Bows Sweet Lolita Dress: With some inspiration from Maid styling this absolutely stunning Sweet Lolita Dress embodies cuteness and modesty while making a true Lolita statement. The bodice is accented with ruffles at the sides and front and has matching buttons and a bow tie at the high neckline. It creates a V shape down to the waist where a larger lace-trimmed bow accentuates the waistline before the dress flows out to a full three-layered voluminous skirt. The faux top layer has a lace accent while the contrasting center layer is ruched to create a curved feature that highlights the volume. The bottom layer is also decorated with lace and gives the impression of petticoats puffing out of the skirt. The short sleeves are puffed and also lace trimmed to give a truly cute and sweet look. This dress is available in 6 sizes and 4 color themes, all showing true style and elegance, it hints at being uniform while showing a true and beautiful innocence that is all Lolita.

As you can see there is a multitude of ways to express Lolita style from Goth, Cat Cute, and Candy Sweet all the way to bows and ruffles, but they can all be given that extra Lolita Dress flair and identity by utilizing three layered hems. The extra volume takes Lolita styling to the next level by giving a cute and doll-like appearance to offer a fresh and young appearance to every style.