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About Us

Lolita clothing from Lolitain store

lolitain.com specializes in designing and manufacturing various styles of high-quality lolita clothing in China. You will find thousands of products offered at incredible prices here. No matter whoever you are and wherever you are, you can always get the best deals from suppliers and manufacturers in China.

We are a worldwide dealing platform. From this brand was founded, our expectation was to provide Lolita fans worldwide with high-quality products. We offer any style of Classic Lolita Dresses, Cosplay Lolita Dresses, Punk Lolita Dresses, Gothic Lolita Dresses, Sweet Lolita Dresses, and Aristocrat Lolita Dresses. And we can also provide our consumers with high-quality lolita dresses and other lolita clothing according to their requirements. With an extensive collection of lolita dresses, we promise that we will always provide our customers with the cheap and cheerful dresses.

The Origin of Lolitain

Lolitain consists of “Lolita” and “in”. Lolitain guides the fashion because the part “in” is about the hottest social software Instagram available today. The wish of Lolitain is to provide cheap and cheerful clothes which are also fashionable.

Our Concept

-Price: Clothes are priced reasonable in Lolitain. Lolitain always insists that the interests of consumers come first. The reasonable and honestly pricing will bring consumers affirmation which is the foundation of the brand.

-Quality: The quality of the product is the lifeline of the brand. Lolitain always strictly controls each link in producing clothes.

-Service: Lolitain is deeply grateful that you are willing to choose us. So we will try our best to create the best shopping experience.

Our Promises

-Offer only the best and top fashionable Lolita goods and guarantee that 100% clothes are all high-quality.

-Make after-sales worry-free so that customers can do the shopping with no worries.

-Streamline and secure the buying and payment process,make it easy and risk-free.

-Provide quick home delivery service with low prices.

-Make you beautiful and shining.

Shipping Worldwide

Lolitain has already sold and shipped lolita dresses to more than 50 countries around the world.Lolitain support global transportation including America, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Britain, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, and Japan through the website. Lolitain will be in full flourish in the future. We always persist the values on superior production.

Lolitain is aimed at producing the highest value Lolita clothes and commits itself to quality, value, and service.

World-wide lolita clothing shipping