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The Chinese Elements In Lolita Clothing

Chinese fashion and dressing style are amongst the most vibrant. The bright colors, the vivid patterns are not only popular in culture, but they also represent the culture of the land. 

Besides, the Chinese dressing sense is more than just a style statement. The essence of Chinese fashion has always been derived from the country’s evolution. From the dragon-clad robes to hanfu, the clothing styles have constantly reflected the traditions, beliefs, and social status. 

Features of Chinese clothing

Now we know, Chinese clothing is reliant on the culture and traditions. The aesthetic component of their clothing comes from vibrant colors and patterns. In addition to that, the cultural connotations have always been a stand-out feature. 

The quality of these fabrics was of the highest order. As lustrous as these fabrics flaunted, their durability was exceptional too. Nowadays, hemp and synthetic fibers, too, are used at scale. The cost-effectiveness of these fabrics is a major advantage.

Meanwhile, the styles of Chinese fashion are evolving at a noticeable pace. The tunic suit is an evergreen attire for the Chinese. Though it is meant for the male audience, the volume of female users is increasing by the day.  Likewise, Hanfu has held its grandeur over the years. The traditional Hanfu was growing irrelevant, almost turning into a collectible for enthusiasts. However, with an evident western influence, modern hanfu has been a revelation in Chinese fashion.

Colors and Patterns

As we talk about colors, diversity is unrivaled. From the bright red to the elegant black, Chinese fashion and its love for color are well-known. They are also very specific in matching their colors to the seasons. 

Traditionally, red is considered auspicious and is often worn during events and festivals. Green has always inspired growth and, likewise, worn during the spring season. During the cold winter, dark clothing, and especially black, can be observed. Altogether, the unique Chinese system of matching colors and their contrasts is a treat to watch.

To go with the vibrant colors, the Chinese love bold patterns in their clothing. Be it the majestical dragon or butterflies, every pattern elevated the attire to look grand yet being comfortable for the individual.

Also, water lily and peony are a must-have floral pattern in Chinese fashion. Floral patterns are a significant feature of Chinese culture. Patterns in China are also attached to prosperity, wealth, and other beliefs.

Features of Lolita Clothing

Lolita is a popular dressing trend with its roots in the Victorian and Rococo styles. Keeping up with the latest trends and changes, Lolita fashion has evolved over the years. Despite the evolution, its core element of youthful and doll-like look has not changed, and rightly so.

A subculture in Japan, Lolita clothing helps ladies flaunt cute yet dignified looks. If you think doll-like and ladies cannot go together, then you must try Lolita fashion to embrace the truth. 

Contrary to the usual belief, a formal Lolita dress can be a go-to outfit for formal events. This unique fashion started a streetwear trend, growing into a popular global theme. With many styles under its umbrella, Lolita clothing is as aesthetic as it gets.

 lolita dress

The basis of Lolita fashion is a skirt and a blouse. Seems common, right? Wait, the uniqueness is with the style of the skirt. Lolita style skirts are bell-shaped. Similarly, the blouses are puffy-round. This is the most basic template for Lolita clothing. There are numerous styles of Lolita clothing. The major Lolita types are 

  • Gothic Lolita
  • Classic Lolita
  • Aristocratic Lolita
  • Sweet Lolita

Nice cotton is the most preferred fabric for Lolita clothing. Certain Lolita types use high-quality velvet and microsuede. For colors, Lolita is as diverse as it gets. While colors are often dependent on the Lolita types, plain colors with a floral pattern are always a no-brainer. For Gothic Lolita, dark colors are a norm. 

The Chinese elements in Lolita clothing

The presence of Lolita clothing in China has grown exponentially. This can be attributed to certain local elements that have helped the Lolita fashion connect with the Chinese at an individual level. 

At present, more and more Lolita dresses are featuring Chinese design elements, and for all the right reasons. We at Lolitain have taken this integration to another level by featuring a mix of Lolita dresses that have Chinese influences.Let's get a comprehensive insight into how Chinese characteristics integrate with Lolita Clothing. 

Focusing on the Design

The traditional Chinese clothing is usually straight cut and loose fit. For instance, these Lolita dresses feature a pleated skirt, much like what Hanfu clothing exhibits. Much of the emphasis is on making it comfortable for the individuals, and understandably so. 

sweet Lolita dress

Another feature of this profound integration is observed in the long sleeves of Lolita clothing, which are identical to the traditional Chinese gowns. For instance, the Gothic Lolita Black Long Sleeve Dress below is an example of Gothic Lolita with a touch of Mongolian and Manchu gown design thanks to the high-collars, relatively longer sleeves, and extended gown length.In addition, it also uses Chinese traditional cross stitch.

gothic lolita dress

This brings us to the idea of the Aristocratic Lolita clothing, which bears resemblance to the popular Chinese dresses of Cheongsam. Also known as Qipao, these clothes are more compact. It was popular among the upper-class Chinese women as it gave a dignified look. 

Stressing the Patterns

The diversity in Chinese fashion and Lolita clothing is remarkable and similar. Symbols like a dragon, lions, cranes are a common sight on Lolita clothing. Though the symbolic attachment to social status has reduced, the symbols are still an eminent feature in Chinese culture.

For example, this dress bears a skirt that has been developed owing to what Lolita fashion prefers. At the same time, it features Bamboo and Dragon Soul patterns, much for the joy of Chinese people. This is precisely how dresses at Lolitain bring out the essence of the combination of two distinct fashion types. 

 Lolita fashion

Another example of fine integration is given by this Palace Style Pink Flower Embroidery Lolita Prom Dress that uses symbols to a great effect. What you see is a traditional prom style Lolita turning into a go-to outfit for modern Chinese women. This is made possible through the employment of floral art for this particular dress. In addition, the flowers on the skirt also use Chinese embroidery, which makes it more elegant and elegant.Overall, many Chinese favoured patterns, including butterflies, are used, which work wonders in elevating a woman's looks. 

retro lolita dress

Here's a tip: For light and formal colour, Aristocratic and Sweet Lolita are the saviour of all. While for the darker shades, Gothic Lolita is a no-brainer. The classic and sweet Lolita cater to diverse audiences, as their clothing style comes in all colour, one can imagine.

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