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Elegant Assembly: Which One Do You Like Best?

When it comes to choosing your own distinctive style, it’s generally a good idea to fill your wardrobe with an elegant assembly. “Which one do you like best?” is a question you will likely ask yourself when choosing between alternative styles that go against the mainstream—but did you know that it’s possible to be both elegant and trendy? In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about elegant assembly for your wardrobe—from dresses to accessories—as well as why this particular style is so popular.

Dresses Are An Indispensable Item For Everyday Wear

Many people think of dresses as being an article of clothing for summertime and warmer weather—and while this is undeniably true, there’s also a special spot in your closet for cooler weather dresses as well. Particularly paired with some warm, cozy tights, a well-selected dress can sometimes feel even warmer than wearing pants—almost like you’re wearing a blanket. Here are some reasons why dresses are evergreen wardrobe options that can fit into your weekly rotation any time of year:

1. Layers, layers, layers: Go ahead and go buck wild with your layering options—from adding cardigans or sweaters to scarves, leg warmers, or tights, there’s plenty of room for fashion play with adding different layers and textures to your dress of choice.

2. Fabric is everything: While you might not want to wear a linen or cotton dress in winter, you can always find something a little more suitable for cooler weather. Whether you go for soft, fuzzy velvet or plush cashmere or wool, there is a world of different fabric options perfect for any occasion.

3. Easily dressed up or down: Dresses can be cute and flirty or they can be posh and elegant. Pair your accessories and layers well, and you’ll be in total control of how you want your day (or evening) to go.

Why Is Elegant Style So Popular?

In a word, elegant style is celebrated because it is timeless. Its versatile and simple look offers an air of sophistication, class, and refinement that can easily adapt to any occasion, making it suitable for both work and play. This embodiment of understated beauty is celebrated in icons like Audrey Hepburn, Fan Bingbing, and Zhang Ziyi. Elegant style’s timelessness is tied directly to its simplicity, making it infinitely adaptable to almost any requirement or desire; and it generally comes with a particular brand of practicality as well. It just goes to show, you can be elegant anywhere, at any time—if you pick your wardrobe staples right!

Create An Elegant Wardrobe

One simple way to create an elegant wardrobe is by going back in time and looking through historical clothing trends. Whether you’re harkening back to the 1940’s Old Hollywood look with this ruffled, A-Line dress or the 1800s with this imperial-style, delicate long dress with a square neckline, there’s a look for every taste out there on Lolitain. Look for stylistic choices like collars that never go out of style, as is the case with this soft, lantern-sleeve dress or this simple and classic printed dress featuring off-the-shoulder sleeves. Especially if you’re looking for cool-weather dresses, you can’t forget this remarkable, velvet ruffled dress with puff sleeves, either!

When it comes to creating an elegant wardrobe, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

Simplicity is key. You may think an article of clothing looks plain as can be—but when paired with just the right shoes, accessories, or thoughtful updo, you can elevate just about anything into a look that is reminiscent of a lady.

Quality over quantity. It is better to have fewer pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that all work together and are built to last than more pieces of clothing that clash or will fall apart in just a few wears.

Prioritize fit and form over statement pieces. A plain t-shirt can be elegant if it fits you like a glove. Look for simple patterns or colors that have been well-crafted to suit your form.

Choose timeless silhouettes. Look for cuts and styles of dresses that are either retro or simple enough that they will always be chic—whether at a picnic to a gala.

Select items that complement each other beautifully. Accessorizing with your elegant wardrobe is a delicate balancing act. Choose your accessories wisely.

Eye-Catching And Elegant Accessories

Accessorizing with your elegant attire is a game of adding just enough of a statement to be noteworthy—without the accoutrements stealing the show. For that reason, we’ve prepared three elegant accessories for you to consider pairing with your elegant dresses:

Teardrop pearl earrings: These earrings have a tendency to accentuate both the face and the neck and add a timeless sense of elegance to almost any look. Adding jewelry is an easy way to dress up your look for any occasion! Take a look for yourself here.

Simple yet refined cross-body handbag: This sweet and simple clutch with a strap comes complete with ruffles and bows. Get a closer look here!

Elegant satin hat: Looking for something to accentuate your updo? Look no further than this gorgeous satin hat. Complete with lace, faux pearls, and bows, this hat is sure to have you turning heads.

Choose An Elegant Lolita Dress That Suits You

When it comes to choosing an elegant Lolita dress, perhaps the biggest, most important piece of advice is to work with the body type that you have—not one that you wish you had. It’s important to embrace your natural beauty if you are going for a timeless aesthetic, and as such, finding the right dress for you is all about fit.

Whether you go sweet, gothic, or elegant, you’ll also want to consider the occasion for your outing, selecting refined detailing and more subdued colors for formal events, leaving brighter, flashier styles to less formal ones.

Finally, don’t forget to be practical. A huge component of elegance is its practical, no-nonsense nature—so if you’re gearing up for a cooler day, don’t forget to add those layers!

There’s a reason why so many noteworthy icons have opted for simple elegance when confronted with the public eye. This gorgeous fashion statement is tried and true, with a legacy of strong women representing this iconic style throughout the ages.

Whether you’re opting for something sweet and simple or refined and posh, there is an elegant style for every fashion at Lolitain. Get shopping with us today and elevate your fashion game—your most elegant look awaits.